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Techint E&C is committed to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct and believes that the active involvement and commitment of all its employees is essential to comply with such principles.

The Company expects its employees to strictly comply with regulations and procedures at all levels of the Organization, as well as to report any violation of the rules that they may detect.

Techint E&C's Code of Conduct and Business Conduct Policy regulate the interaction between the Company and its employees, and Public Officials, government entities, private persons, suppliers, customers and other third parties. 

In turn, the Business Conduct Compliance Program provides specific rules to help evaluate and authorize critical transactions and ensure that suppliers and business partners adhere to the values and standards of conduct of the Company.

Additionally, Techint E&C also performs thorough evaluations of each candidate when hiring representatives and critical advisors in order to ensure that their principles of legality, ethics and transparency are compatible with those of the company.

The Program has preventively developed a broad-based training and communications strategy based on the analysis of specific risks in order to apply the Company's ethical framework throughout the organization. Employees receive training through online courses and face-to-face sessions based on their exposure to the risk of bribery.

Continuous monitoring to ensure the effective implementation of the Program, together with the use of a Compliance Line guaranteeing confidentiality which is accessible to both employees and third parties, allow for possible breaches of compliance to be detected and the necessary measures to be taken to remedy the situation.

The Business Conduct Compliance Program, designed and implemented to combat corruption and bribery, reflects the requirements of the laws and regulations applicable to our operations in each of the countries where we operate.


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