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The construction phase of a project is critical due to its relevant economic impact in the overall project performance. This is why Techint E&C plans, manages and conducts projects focused on meeting customer's quality requirements, deadlines and budget, while working safely and preserving the environment.

A shared Lessons Learned platform together with knowledge sharing programs and updated project management tools enable the company to meet this objective. Additionally, a solid and PMI-qualified direct hiring experience and a consolidated sub-contracting track record, careful time management and construction solutions ability in the harshest environmental conditions contribute to deliver quality EPC to the most demanding customers.

The company holds yards for management of high-end equipments in different parts of the world with a central global coordination. Moreover, Techint E&C owns an
offshore site in Pontal do Paraná, Brazil, for construction and assembly of equipment, modules and jackets for the sub-sea oil & gas industry.

Techint conducts its business through direct-hiring or subcontracting prequalified local or international companies, according to each country's standards and regulations.

Techint Engineering & Construction performs ca 80 million man-hours of construction per year.