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Techint in Argentina has made an important donation to a school in San Juan, and in 2013 it will deliver lectures on computer safety, networks and related technologies.

On December 2012, Techint Engineering and Construction performed the electrical and the equipment installation of the hardware lab for repair of computers and related items of the No. 1 EPET technical school of Jáchal. Nowadays, the institution assists 368 children and young individuals, who in the future will hold the title of Professional and Personal IT Technician.

This action is part of the Technical School Aid Plan, developed by Techint conjointly with the Ministry of Education of the city. The purpose is generating concrete contributions, within a short period, to improve the quality and validity of the knowledge and the equipment made available to students and teachers.

The initiative has been taken by the team of the Hydroelectrical Usage of Punta Negra project, developed by Techint through a consortium with Panedile for the client Energía Provincial Sociedad del Estado.

The donation has enabled the contact of students with real hardware technologies, their knowledge and practice, only experienced before through photos and videos.

The No. 1 EPET is also the head office of the Technical College Education in Web Programming from the School of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of the National University of San Juan and District of Jáchal. This post-graduation course not only improves the professional profile of the students, but also enables the continuity of their careers in their hometowns, adding, thus, value and protection to the local community.