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With the presence of approximately 200 people, Pontal em Ação showed its power and capacity of transforming and promoting actions in benefit of the local community.

On March 27, in Pontal do Paraná (PR), it was held the public presentation of the results of Pontal em Ação Project, developed by Techint Engineering and Construction in Brazil, in partnership with the NOG Ação Comunitária, with the purpose of strengthening the local community through the training of its leaders.

Approximately 200 people were present to the event, among them the Mayor of Pontal Edgar Rossi, local Counselors and Secretaries, Techint leaders, in addition to the President, Oscar L. Ferro, and the Superintendent Celso de Freitas, both from the NOG Ação Comunitária.

Beginning on January 2012, with duration of 14 months, the Project had the participation of 22 people from different social entities and focused on the training of community leaders with capacity of decisively contributing for the strengthening of their communities.

The training process, with 112 course hours, ended up with the creation by the group of an action plan put into practice through the division of the participants into three subgroups: Restinga (Sand Bar), aiming at the environmental awareness of the population for the preservation and maintenance of the restinga; Seedling Nursery and Garden, whose purpose is the restoration of the plant beds and common use areas (squares, parks, etc.), embellishing the town; and Vegetable Garden, which seeks the development of the community vegetable gardens for public schools and nurseries and the training of educators to maintain them, thus generating more food for the students and community.

During the night, it was possible to get further information on the Project and check, through testimonials of the Project participants, the personal changes they had experienced, such as the recognition and the development of their own capabilities, the identification of the potentialities of the Pontal community and the opportunity of performing transformative actions on it. At the closure of the event, the Human Resources Director of Techint in Brazil, Marcelo Faria, thanked the presence of all participants and talked on the future plans.

Techint, through its Offshore Unit ¿ located in Pontal do Paraná, will keep on working with the local community, not only through Pontal em Ação, but also with other initiatives that the company has developed, as the increase of school openings, the Memória Local Project, the training of the human resources of the region and the inclusion of people with disabilities (PCD), among others.