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Meet some of the professionals who are part of our company.


     Martin Luppi
Joined Techint in 2002
Financial Managing Director in Brazil

"I began my career in the company in late 2002 as an intern in the Accounting area. After graduating, I got involved in the Young Professionals program in the same department and developed the different tasks this area offered. Seizing the opportunities of internal rotation the company gives to its collaborators, I joined the Economic Studies team. Later on, it proved to be a key step in my professional development, since I started acquiring a clearer vision of the business. It was quite a challenge because my tasks became global and implied analysing projects that the company was undertaking in every corner of the globe with different legislative, tax, financial legislation and macroeconomic frameworks.
Today, as Financial Managing Director in Brazil, the challenge is occupational and cultural, which makes it an even more enriching experience on a personal level. One of the things I highlight the most is that Techint E&C is not a rigid company when it comes to its structure and areas; furthermore, it is a people’s company and personal competences are put top, prioritising an individual’s own skills."

     Cláudio Perillo Faria
Joined Techint in 2002
Project Manager in Ecuador

"I have been working for Techint for 12 years, and this has been my first and only job. I took part in the Young Professionals Program with Techint Brazil in 2002 and my first experience was working in the construction of a crude oil pipeline in Ecuador. In just a single opportunity Techint allowed me to acquire international experience and professional development. In parallel I took part in all the academic elements of the YP Program, which provided me with business and management capabilities that are only usually obtained through a MBA or a few years of experience. With all these opportunities, I only had to play my professional role with commitment and responsibility to enjoy new development paths. Obviously, sharing the same ethical, technical and human values that the company practices also made my journey easier and enabled me to identify with the `Spirit of Techint´."

     Ahmed Yehia
Joined Techint in 2013
Executive Assistant to Egypt's Country Manager (Cairo - Egypt)

"I joined Techint E&C after 4 years’ experience in Structural Engineering, Planning and Cost Control. I started my career in Techint two years ago, in the project control department, mainly as a planner involved in different construction sites, such as Poland and Egypt, and for the preparation of various bids. In 2014, I then took part of the Young Professionals Program as Business Assistant to the EMEA Managing Director with responsibilities in business planning and commercial activities at the Milan Headquarters. In such a role, I had the unique opportunity to acquire an integral and deeper vision of the business. Since July 2015, I have been appointed as Executive Assistant to the new Country Manager of Egypt. I am happy to support my country’s development and to pursue new business opportunities,collaborating with a professional team that has been working here for many years. I’m also looking forward to strengthening my technical skills and management knowledge."