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Downstream & Chemical

We are a leading company in the delivery of valuable solutions for customers operating in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical sectors.

We offer our customers a long-term and successful track record in the execution of extended basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction and project management services in every area of a refinery complex. The company can design and build: delayed coking units, fluid catalytic cracking units, merox, powerformer, hydro treatment, sour water stripper/amine, claus and alkkylation, gasoline and diesel HDT & HDS. Techint can also carry out modernization of oil heaters, storage tanks, oil and water separation units and hot oil, desalination and dehydration systems, as well as design OSBL and utilities areas.

Moreover, we can execute EPC including basic engineering for some refinery units such as: atmospheric and vacuum distillation, fractionation, gas recovery, amine treatment, sour waster stripping, utilities and offsites. In terms of procurement, the company can purchase critical equipment.

In the chemical and petrochemical industries, the company can perform installation of methanol, ammonia, urea units, aromatics as well as olefins and polyolefins plants and fertilizers. We have built the Profertil urea plant in Argentina, a unique complex in its kind in the country because of its size and production capacity of 3,900 ton/day (Urea granulating: 1,850 tons/day - Ammoniac Unit: 2,050 ton/day).

Since the beginning, Techint has developed more than 400 projects in the downstream and chemical sectors for leading customers such as YPF, Axion Energy, Petrobras, ANCAP, LyondellBasell, Saudi Aramco, ENI.

Some recent projects include the EPC of a delayed coke unit, coke handling, storage yard in the Complexo Petroquímico do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the EPC for the methanol plant in Damietta, Egypt; and the detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up of a hydro-treatment unit and amines unit in the YPF refinery in La Plata, Argentina.